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Project 1005149

In the late 1990’s, a family living in Neskowin decided to build a new home.  The family wanted to re-purpose materials that were taken from a 1938 lumber mill once owned and operated by the family.  The mill had been deconstructed with the material and components being carefully and completely cataloged and stored in a climate controlled warehouse. 

In 2010, the family approached Stanco Mfg. to help design custom ornamental iron railings, hangers and casework hardware using the components taken from the mill, whenever possible.  Community volunteers pulled together the wrought iron and hardware components to provide the raw material for our custom metal fabrication shop to use as inspiration in the design.

The look of the custom ornamental iron rails and hardware pulled the look into all rooms in the house.  The family was very happy with the choice of the custom metal fabrication look over a “pre-fab” metal railing that saved time, but didn’t have near the ambiance. 

The photographs below show some of the transition that took place and shows what is possible when a family’s dream, a supportive community and a custom fabrication shop come together to make dreams come true.

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